Hey! I am Rachel, the Owner of Best of You Fitness but most importantly I am a Bristol based personal trainer with a passion for all things health and fitness.

I have always been an active, healthy and competitive person as this was something my parents brought me up around. I was a competitive club swimmer as a child and into my teens. When I went to University I started focusing less on swimming and more on the gym and weights training. I have now been consistently training for a little under 5 years and have competed in some bodybuilding competitions achieving 2nd place in the UKUP 2017 Ultimate Bikini and the UKBFF Welsh Championships 2017 Rookie Bikini Competitions, obtaining invitations to the British Finals for both.

I have been in and around the fitness industry for many years, loving the growing recognition of the importance of being fit, healthy and mental wellbeing. Life these days can be so fast paced, leaving little time for rest, exercise and you time – so no wonder many of the UK population do not exercise or treat their bodies with the respect and love they need! ‘9-5’ (or ‘early to very late’ for some!) can be a grind, so that time to clear your head and be the best you, both mentally and physically, really is a part of the day you need to love!

I am excited to be able to help you on your fitness journey and allow you to be able to achieve whatever goals you have – remember this is all about you, your goals, and being as awesome as you can be! If you are interested in finding out more, then please have a look at the services I offer or contact me any time with any questions you might have.

Let’s get to work!